A towering 45-floor building in the centre of the capital city of Caracas (Venezuela) has become the worlds tallest slum. El Torre de David is a towering reminder of the poverty that is experienced by much of the city’s population today.

This large unfinished building had been left abandoned for 20 years, since the death of the develop in 1994. After his death construction never resumed due to the banking crisis. While the investors may have forgotten about the tower, the people of Caracas have made good use of it.

Over the past 9 years it has slowly been repopulated by a community of people who have been helping to run the building and make it habitable. In 2012 it was reported that 750 families lived in the building, a number which now is very much likely to be higher.

The building has its very own economy, residents pool together the money to pay for electricity and water, the building also has a gym, church and stores.

Worlds Tallest Slum

Almost 70% of the people in Caracas live in slums.
Worlds Tallest Slum

The 45-floor Tower of David stands in the centre of Caracas, the third tallest skyscraper in the country, now the worlds tallest slum.
Tower of David

Holes in the walls have been made to help with air circulation. The average temperature in Caracas is only a little below 30.
Holes In Wall

Public spaces are painted brightly to make them appear more welcoming. The less fit and older residents occupy the bottom floors with the fitter residents on the top floors as the building has no elevators.
Public Spaces
Each family creates their own area using whatever materials they can buy or find. This family has used newspaper as wallpaper.

Residents Area
The Tower

The gym is located on the roof of the worlds tallest slum with equipment made from the leftover elevator parts.
The Gym
Family Room

The worlds tallest slum has numerous shops, grocery stores and other services available to residents.
The Shop