Heaven's Gate

Tianmen Mountain is located within Tianmen Mountain National Park in Hunan Province, China.

To reach the summit where Heaven’s Gate is located you first have to take the sky-tram, which was built by a French company and believed to be the longest in the world at 7km.


From the top of the sky-tram you take a shuttle bus to the the bottom of the stairs where you can then walk to the top, and in case you were wondering just how many stairs their are…999 is the magic number.

Heaven's Gate 1

Heaven’s Gate

Heaven's Gate 2

However, don’t think for one second that Heaven’s Gate and the sky-tram are the only reason to go and visit this amazing national park. Those who have a head for height’s could always try the glass sky-walk that wraps around part of the mountain at 4000 feet high.


Skywalk 2