The beautiful Villa Zanelli sits right on the beach on the outskirts of Savona, Italy. Built in 1907 as a residence for sea captain Nicolo Zanelli, this fabulous building was the work of Gottardo Gussoni, a student of Pietro Fenoglio who was one of the most significant engineers and architects of the Italian Art Nouveau (1890-1910).

The Zanelli family lived in it until 1933 when they sold it to the Municipality of Milan. During WW2 the building was used as a field hospital and you can still see red crosses on the building today.

Villa Zanelli

Between 1967 and 1998 it was a centre for heart disease treatment, it was at this time that one of the ceilings collapsed and so the building was left abandoned and has been this way ever since. Take a look around…..

Zanelli Mansion1

Zanelli Mansion2

Zanelli Mansion3

Zanelli Mansion4

Zanelli Mansion5

Zanelli Mansion6

Zanelli Mansion7

Villa Zanelli – The Abandoned Mansion With An Incredible Past

Zanelli Mansion8

Zanelli Mansion9

Zanelli Mansion10

Zanelli Mansion11

Zanelli Mansion12

Zanelli Mansion13

Zanelli Mansion14

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