So you think you’re a gamer? Love playing retro games? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either of these question then this should be a cake-walk…or possibly not! How many of these relatively unknown game consoles from the 1990’s can you name?

You’ll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

Unknown Game Consoles

2)Unknown Game Consoles1

3)Unknown Game Consoles2

4)Unknown Game Consoles3

Unknown Game Consoles – How Many Can You Name?

Unknown Game Consoles4

6)Unknown Game Consoles5

7)Unknown Game Consoles6

8)Unknown Game Consoles7

9)Unknown Game Consoles8

Had a guess at all 9? Here are the answers:

1) Amiga CD32 released by Commodore in 1993. 2) Apple Bandai Pippin released by Apple in 1995. 3) Atari Jaguar CD released in 1995. 4) Casio Loopy released in Japan, 1995. 5) Nintendo 64DD released in 1999. 6) PC-FX by NEC, released in 1994. 7) Playdia created by Bandai, released in 1994. 8) Sega Nomad, released in 1995. 9) FM Towns Marty by Fujitsu, released in 1993.