Have you ever noticed two similar movies being released around the same time? While you may believe it’s a coincidence, the list below suggests it is isn’t. What this happens we don’t really know, however, there are some strong theories out there.

One such theory is that competing movie studios often own similar scripts and if one studio gets wind that another is making a movie similar to a script they already own they may try to get the movie out themselves as quickly as possible, which will often be around the same time as that other studio.

Twin Movies After Earth - Oblivion Antz - A Bug's Life Armageddon - Deep Impact Babe - Gordy Capote - Infamous Chasing Liberty - First Daughter Copout - The Other Guys Friends With Benefits - No Strings Attached Happy Feet - Surf's Up Mirror Mirror - Snow White & the Huntsman Olympus Has Fallen - White House Down Powder - Phenomenon Red Planet - Mission To Mars Shark Tale - Finding Nemo

Twin Movies – Similar Movies Released At The Same Time

Stealing Harvard - Orange County Striptease - Showgirls The Cave - The Descent The Prestige - The Illusionist The Truman Show - Edtv The Wild - Madagascar Tombstone - Wyatt Earp Top Gun - Iron Eagle Turner & Hooch - K-9 Volcano - Dante's Peak