Have you ever wanted to own your own castle? How about your own tree house? Well now some lucky person will get the best of both worlds with this high-specification adult and child tree house castle.

The tree house castle is in two separate parts, a child part and the larger adults castle. To enter the tree houses you can take the wooden steps or this very cool rope bridge which connects the two.

Tree House Castle

Tree House Castle 2

The Tree House Castle Fit For A King

Tree House Castle 3

Inside the adult tree house castle you have walls made from hand-split oak shingles and cedar tongue-and-groove boards.

Tree House Castle 6

You can see the tree which this tree house castle clings to through the kitchen/living area. The tree house also has a its very own toilet and wash area.

Tree House Castle 1

Tree House Castle 4

Inside the children’s tree house you will find a secret trap-door that leads you to the TV and gaming area which as you can see from the picture currently has a Nintendo Wii connected. This tree house truly caters for children as well as adults, connected to the tree house you will also find a zip-line as well as an assault course.

This tree house was built by Blue Forest in England, they specialise in amazing tree houses such as this one which you will find in both public and private gardens. If you wish to see more incredible designs then check out the link provided.

Tree House Castle 7