Last summer, Reddit poster MisterBrick found a collection of WWII photos of his home town of Dijon, France. He decided to go re-take these photos in the exact same locations so he could see what a difference 70 years makes.

1) Free French Forces arrive on Sherman Tanks in front of the palace.Then and Now WW2

2) German officers pose in front of the park fountain at Parc Darcy.WW2 Dijon 1

3) Allied troops entering the city through the main street.WW2 Dijon8

4) The post office displaying a large French flag after liberation.WW2 Dijon7

5) Soldiers guarding the entrance to a building.WW2 Dijon6

Then And Now – WW2, Dijon, France

6) Soldier poses in the middle of the street.WW2 Dijon5

7) The main street in Dijon, you can see Guillaume’s Gate at the back.WW2 Dijon4

8) Cars parked in the square outside the palace.WW2 Dijon3

9) German troops gather outside the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy.WW2 Dijon

10) The Luftwaffe headquarters, now just a florist with some residential property above it.WW2 Dijon2