Surfridge Houses

Ever been to LAX and wondered what the abandoned land at the west of the airport was? The area is known as Palisades del Ray, or Surfridge, and was once a beach-front paradise for the wealthy, including director Cecil B. DeMille and movie star Charles Bickford. All of the homes in the area were custom built and so every house was entirely different to the one next door.

However, after the commercialisation of the jet during the early 1970’s, LAX started buying up the surrounding land so that it could expand. By the late 1970’s most of the residents were happy to leave due to the increase in noise, the few that remained were eventually forced out and all the houses were demolished, a paradise lost.

Today, all that remains are the roads that the residents once used and over-grown weeds, the area is now protected as it is the habitat of the endangered El Segundo blue butterfly.

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Surfridge – Forgotten Town Of The Wealthy

Town After Demolition Lighting The Roads Left Over Surfridge Roads Old Roads