Roberto Vergati Santos is an artist from Italy. He has created a series that he has called ‘Sponsored Superheroes’ where he takes the world’s most famous brands and adds them to superheroes costumes.

Brands often pay for endorsements from musicians, movie stars and sports stars so why not superheroes? Why wouldn’t Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark get sponsored to save the planet, its the perfect advertisement.

Sponsored Superheroes Sponsored Superheroes1 Sponsored Superheroes2 Sponsored Superheroes3 Sponsored Superheroes4 Sponsored Superheroes5 Sponsored Superheroes6 Sponsored Superheroes7

Sponsored Superheroes By Roberto Vergati Santos

Sponsored Superheroes8 Sponsored Superheroes9 Sponsored Superheroes10 Sponsored Superheroes11 Sponsored Superheroes12 Sponsored Superheroes13