Snake tattoos are hugely popular throughout the world and so finding some great designs is pretty simple. While the snake may not be the most popular animal on earth among many people, it is definitely one of the more popular tattoo designs around. The snake symbolizes potency, agility and the ability to rejuvenate through the skin shredding process.

Here are our top 20 snake tattoos!

20)Snake Tattoos18

19)Snake Tattoos17

18)Snake Tattoos16

17)Snake Tattoos15

16)Snake Tattoos14

15)Snake Tattoos13

14)Snake Tattoos12

13)Snake Tattoos11

12)Snake Tattoos10

11)Snake Tattoos9

Snake Tattoos

10)Snake Tattoos9

9)Snake Tattoos

8)Snake Tattoos8

7)Snake Tattoos7

6)Snake Tattoos6

5)Snake Tattoos5

4)Snake Tattoos4

3)Snake Tattoos3

2)Snake Tattoos2

1)Snake Tattoos1