Are you someone who moans about the size of the home you live in? Then wait until you see this, the smallest house in the world, The Keret House.

Located in Warsaw, Poland, this micro house comes with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. As its narrowest it measures 3.02 feet and at its widest it is 4.99 feet with a total floor area of 44 square feet.

Smallest House In The World

The back of the house looks nothing more than a steel grate.

Keret House 1

Illuminated stairs light your way into the house.

Keret House 2

Keret House 3

Inside The Smallest House In The World

Keret House 4

The small kitchen area with the bathroom behind it.

Keret House 5

Fully functional toilet and shower.

Keret House 6

Keret House 8

The full Keret House plans.

Keret House 10