Salem’s Lot (the movie) is the 1979 movie adaptation of the 1975 book by Stephen King. The plot revolves around a writer returning to his home town where the people are turning into vampires. A spooky house on the hill, known as the Marsten house, is where much of the story is centred around.

Anyone who was young in the 80’s or 90’s will know how scary this movie was as a kid…..take a trip down memory lane….

The spot where Ben Mears first lays eyes on the Marsten house.

Ben Mears Spot

This is how that same location looks today.

Ben Mears Spot Today

The Marsten house in the movie was actually just a facade, basically a flat billboard that was made to look real from the right angles. In the bottom picture you can see what is in the same location today, a relatively new home…..nowhere near as spooky.

Salem's Lot Now And ThenSalem's Lot Now And Then1 Salem's Lot Now And Then2

Salem’s Lot Then And Now

Salem's Lot Now And Then3 Salem's Lot Now And Then4

Ben Mears driving through the town in 1979.


How the town looks today, over 35 years later.

Town Today