Not many movies in the 1980’s were bigger than Robocop, it went on to have two sequels, a television series, video games, two animated TV series and eventually, over twenty-five years later, a movie reboot. Not too bad for a film that only cost $13 million to make and a couple of months to film.

Check out this very cool collection of photos taken from behind the scenes of the Robocop movie way back in 1986.

Robocop - Behind The ScenesRobocop31Robocop22Robocop13Robocop4Robocop3Robocop2Robocop1RobocopRobocop12Robocop21Robocop10Robocop11Robocop20Robocop19Robocop9Robocop8Robocop7Robocop6

Robocop – Behind The Scenes