BP Logo

Everyone has heard of BP, they are one of the largest companies in the world, however, back in 2010 they made news headlines for all the wrong reasons. The Deepwater Horizon disaster caused major damage to water and wildlife in the surrounding areas and the US are still mad about it today. However, Greenpeace UK launched a campaign shortly afterwards that you may not have heard about….

Greenpeace UK asked the general public for new BP logo suggestions after the oil spill, this received hundreds of responses from around the world. Here are a small selection of some of our favourite ones, to see the entire collection click here. BP Re-brand BP Re-brand1 BP Re-brand2 BP Re-brand3 BP Re-brand4 BP Re-brand5 BP Re-brand6 BP Re-brand7 BP Re-brand8 BP Re-brand9 BP-oilspill-1 logo_template1

Re-branding Of The BP Logo

BP Re-brand12 BP Re-brand13 BP Re-brand14 logo_template bp BP_logo_altered BP Re-brand18 BP Re-brand19 BP Re-brand20 Sarah_Hahnle BP Re-brand22 bp_fishkill_052410 BP Re-brand24