When Randall Park Mall first opened in 1976 it was the ”world’s largest shopping center”, however, while this title was short lived this didn’t stop the developers ambitions of a ”city within a city”. The mall was built on the old Randall Race Track in North Randall, Ohio, population 1500.

In the following years the mall which during its heyday employed 5000 people began to see decline and major stores would seek pastures new because of poor sales. Finally in early 2008 mayor David Smith announced that the mall was to close and the few remaining shops were to leave by June that year.

By May 2009 the power was finally shut off to the 2-million square foot mall and since then the mall has simply stood empty. At the beginning of 2014 it was announced that the mall would be demolished and turned into an industrial site.

All images were taken by Seph Lawless.

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Randall Park Mall

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