Stretching for more than three miles along a sandy beach on Germany’s Baltic Sea island of Reugen, lies the world’s biggest hotel. Now the chances are you will have never have heard of the Prora Hotel, which boasts 10,000 sea facing bedrooms, that’s because it never opened! The massive complex was built between 1936 and 1939 by the Nazis as part of their ”Strength Through Joy” programme, the aim was to provide leisure activities for German workers and spread Nazi propaganda.

The complex consists of eight identical buildings and sits roughly 150 metres from the beach. A workforce of 9,000 took three years to build the complex, this was to be the first of four identical resorts that were to be built.Hitler’s plans for Prora were very ambitious, he wanted it to be the “most mighty and large one to ever have existed”, holding 20,000 beds in total. Each room is 5 by 2.5 metres and was to have two single beds, a wardrobe and a sink. The toilets and showers were to be communal and on every single floor.

Of course WW2 was to start before the completion of the Prora Hotel and the construction workers were sent to help in the German war effort. After the war Prora was used as a military outpost for the East German army, after reunification in 1990 it was used by the Military Technical School of the Bundeswehr and later used to seek asylum seekers from the Balkans. Today the hotel remains empty apart from one block which is used as a youth hostel.

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Prora Hotel – 10,000 Bedroom Nazi Resort

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