The next time you are in Spain you may wish to check out Playa De Gulpiyuri, this little gem can be found near Llanes, northern Spain. What appears to be a normal grassy field opens up into a 40 meter beach with crystal clear water.

The sea water does actually comes from the ocean, it is connected by underground waterways to the Atlantic Ocean which is just 200 meters away. However, there are no other beaches along this stretch of coast as it’s all rocky cliff faces, meaning Playa De Gulpiyuri is the only beach in the immediate area.

Playa De Gulpiyuri

Playa De Gulpiyuri 1

Playa De Gulpiyuri – The Inland Beach

Playa De Gulpiyuri 2

Playa De Gulpiyuri 3

Playa De Gulpiyuri 4