When people think of a canvas they usually think of a white space to draw or paint on, Tisha Cherry however thinks of Oreos. Using this popular treat she is able to create highly detailed pictures of just about anything she wants.

Check out her gallery below, if you want to see more of Tisha’s work check out her Instagram.

Oreos Art Oreo Art1 Oreo Art2 Oreo Art3 Oreo Art4 Oreo Art5 Oreo Art6 Oreo Art7 Oreo Art8 Oreo Art9

Oreos Make The Perfect Canvas

Oreo Art10 Oreo Art11 Oreo Art12 Oreo Art13 Oreo Art14 Oreo Art15 Oreo Art16 Oreo Art17 Oreo Art18 Oreo Art19 Oreo