For many years, the mysterious dome home on the isolated tip of Marco Island, Florida, were a mystery. Locals and urban explorers guessed that it may have been a community home to a cult, left by aliens or maybe some sort of military post.

Today these domes have been claimed by the sea, falling further and further into a watery grave every single day. However, after many years the mystery of the Dome Home has finally been uncovered, it belonged to independent oil producer Bob Lee and his family.

This is how the home looked in 1980, when it was first built for Bob and his family….
Dome Homes

Photo taken in the 1980s when the home was still in use:
1980s Dome Home

Mysterious Dome Home

Inside the Dome Home designed and owned by Bob Lee:Dome Home Indoors

Inside the Dome Home

Dome Home Child

Bob Lee has since passed away, however his daughter Janet Maple has opened up about the property:

“I can remember one time, we went to the drug store on Marco and some people in the row behind me were saying, ‘Have you been by those dome houses?’ And the other one said, ‘Yeah, but I hear they guard that with machine guns!’ Somehow it got a reputation of being a scary place.”

It seems that the house has always been a bit of a mystery in the local area, however the house today isn’t in such great shape:

Ruined Dome Homes

Dome Home

So how did the house end up like this? The Dome Home was actually Janet Maple and her sons primary residence until 1993, however in the years after the house was visited less and less. In 2005 the house was bought by John Tolso just before hurricane Wilma hit and caused a fair amount of damage and washed away parts of the coastline.

John Tolso planned on building a sea wall around the property, however, in 2007 Department of Environmental Protection and the Collier County Code Enforcement Board ordered the house to be demolished.

Any plans to renovate the house were therefore dead in the water, however, the property still stands today and is yet to be demolished.