First released way back in 1992, Mortal Kombat soon had a huge fan base of hardcore followers who preferred the gore and realism over Street Fighter’s cartoon style game. The ‘Finish Him’ element offered something not seen in other fighting games and so it’s no surprise that the franchise is still going strong today, more than two decades later.

Below are 20 of the very best Mortal Kombat fan tattoos from all over the world, enjoy!
Mortal Kombat Tattoos 18Mortal Kombat Tattoos 17Mortal Kombat Tattoos 16Mortal Kombat Tattoos 15Mortal Kombat Tattoos14Mortal Kombat Tattoos13Mortal Kombat Tattoos12Mortal Kombat Tattoos11Mortal Kombat Tattoos10Mortal Kombat Tattoos9

Mortal Kombat Tattoos – 20 Deadly Designs

Mortal Kombat Tattoos8 Mortal Kombat TattoosMortal Kombat Tattoos19Mortal Kombat Tattoos7Mortal Kombat Tattoos6Mortal Kombat Tattoos5Mortal Kombat Tattoos4Mortal Kombat Tattoos3Mortal Kombat Tattoos2