The chances are you have never heard of Lake Hillier. The lake is bubble-gum pink in colour and can be found on Middle Island, the largest of the islands that make up Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia.

The lake was first found in 1802 by Matthew Flinders expedition (English explorer) when they ascended the islands peak and spotted the pink lake. Scientists have yet to figure out why Lake Hillier has turned such a beautiful pink colour, they have speculated that it may be caused by a reaction between sea salts and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

You are probably wondering whether this pink lake is safe to swim in or not? The good news is the lake is 100% safe for swimming, it’s very salty, but still very safe! So, if you are ever in Western Australia and fancy a dip, why not try the pink lake.

Pink Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier – The Beautiful Pink Lake

Lake Hillier 2

Pink Lake Hillier 1

Pink Lake Hillier 3