Jason Seiler

Jason Seiler is a Chicago-based master caricaturist, known for his incredible celebrity caricatures. Each of his illustrations are hand drawn (either digitally or traditionally with oils and paints) and are incredibly detailed. Jason has had his work feature in notable publications such as TIME, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and many others.

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Barack Obama Caricature Caricature 2 Caricature 3 Caricature Donald Trump Caricature Forrest Whittaker Caricature George Lucas Caricature George W Bush Caricature New Title Jason Sieler Caricature Jimmy Fallon Caricature

Jason Seiler – Incredible Celebrity Caricatures

John Kerry Caricature John McCain Caricature Larry King Caricature Leonardo DiCaprio Caricature Ludacris Caricature Mick Jagger Caricature Obama Poker Caricature Osama Bin Laden Caricature Phil Mickelson Caricature Pope Caricature Steve Storch Caricature Tarantino Caricature Tiger Woods Caricature