Home Alone House

One of the most iconic homes in movie history has finally sold for $1.5 million after being up for sale for quite some time. The original asking price for this piece of movie history was $2.4 million, however, after some time without a sale the price had dropped by about a third.

The Home Alone movie was made in 1990 so after almost 25 years we were all very excited to see how the house looked on the inside today. Here are the stairs in the movie which Kevin famously sled down:

Home Alone House Stairs

Here they are today, as you can see their have been some major changes to the decoration.

Home Alone House Stairs 1

Despite the close resemblance between the rest of the rooms in the house and the ones in the film, only a few of the interior scenes were actually filmed in the real house. Many of the interior scenes were actually filmed on a sound stage in a local high school gymnasium, this made it much easier for them to perform all the crazy stunts without ruining or burning down the real house.

The French doors which lead to the home office in the movie:

Home Alone Office

The real home office inside the home today:

House Office 2012

Home Alone House Sells For $1.5 Million

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the movie, whether or not they used the real house kitchen in the movie or a set is unclear.

Home Alone Kitchen

The kitchen was updated 15 years ago so looks very different today:

House Alone Kitchen 2012

This is the dining room in the movie, looking from the foyer area:

Home Alone Dining Room

The dining room today:

Dining Room

The master bedroom in the movie:

Home Alone master bedroom

The master bedroom in the house today looks very different, the fire-place isn’t there and the door is in a different place, it seems that the bedroom was probably a set:

Master Bedroom