1) Probably one of the most infamous haunted houses for sale ever, the Amityville Horror house could be yours for just $950,000. The house has now been the basis for 11 horror movies in which the families living their are terrorised by paranormal activity.

Before the movies of course their were the real life murders, Ronald DeFeo Jr shot and killed six members of his family in this house, he is currently serving six 25-year sentences.

Amytiville Horror House

2) The Kreischer Mansion was built in 1885 by wealthy brick manufacturer Balthasar Kreischer as one of two mansions for his sons. The house is said to be haunted by Edward Kreicher’ wife who is still in mourning after he shot himself in the head. In 1996 the house was converted into a restaurant, however, tales of the supernatural soon saw the restaurant close down.

In 2005, caretaker Joseph Young was paid $8,000 by the Bonanno crime family to brutally murder a Bonanno associate on the grounds of the house. On the plus side it does have a lovely wrap around porch….yours for $2,499,000, making it one of the more expensive haunted houses for sale today.

The Kreishcher Mansion

3) The Schweppe Estate is an English Tudor property built in 1917, it was a gift from John G. Shedd and his wife to their daughter Laura Shedd and her new husband Charles Schweppe. Unfortunately, Laura died of a heart attack in 1937 at the age of 58. Four years later servants entered Charles Schweppes bedroom and found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 60. On the dresser next to him was a message that read ”I’ve been awake all night, it’s terrible”.

After the death of Charles Schweppe the mansion remained empty for 46 years and was said to be haunted by Charle’s ghost. However, in 1987 a family bought the house and did extensive renovation work to it, it now looks to be back to its former glory. One of the more expensive haunted houses for sale, this house is currently valued at $12,000,000.

The Schweppe Estate

4) The Sowden House was once the home of George Hill Hodel, one of the prime suspects in the Black Dahlia murder. Hodel’s own son wrote a book claiming that his father was the killer of Elizabeth Short and that his father has killed her in this house. The house is currently on the market for $4,888,000.

The Sowden House

5) The Hampton Lillibridge House is Savannah has been known to have numerous paranormal incidents, these include apparitions of men in bathrobes and the voices of children in the walls. The owners say they have painted the walls a ‘faint blue’ colour as this is supposed to ward off spirits. Not exactly one of the cheapest haunted houses for sale, yours for a whopping $2,800,000.

Hampton Lillibridge House

Haunted Houses for Sale

6) This haunted house in Hinsdale first gained notoriety in 2000 when a book, ”Echoes of a Haunting” was published by Clara Miller. The book focuses on a 16 month period between 1973 and 1974, when Ms Miller, her then husband, Phil Dandy, and three children lived in the house. Ms Miller talks of a dancing ghost, choir singing in the woods around the house and a young, dark-haired woman walking around the house.

The house gained further notoriety in 2006 when the Discovery Channel made an episode about the house for their ”A Haunting” television series. One of the cheaper haunted houses for sale, this can be yours for just $289,000.

Hinsdale House

7) Ma Barker’s House is the infamous hideout used by several criminals who ran the Barker Gang during the ”public enemy” era. After the longest shootout in FBI history, Ma Barker and Fred Barker were left dead in the upper left bedroom, it was said that Ma Barker was found with a Tommy Gun in her hand, she had been shot once, Fred was left with multiple bullet wounds.

It is said that Ma Barker now haunts the house, you can buy this piece of criminal history for $1,000,000.

Ma Barker's House

8) The Lizzie Borden house is now a museum as well as a bed & breakfast. Lizzie was tried in 1982 for axe-murdering her father and step-mother in the house, she was eventually acquitted and the murder went unsolved.

Lizzie Borden House

However, some time after the trial she left the murder house and bought this property below. This house has been valued at $312,000 but doesn’t take into account the historical element, the current owner believes it is worth $650,000 because Lizzie Borden once lived there. Why this house would be haunted when the murders took place in the other property we don’t know, either way it’s both cool and creepy! Probably one of the most over-priced haunted houses for sale!

Lizzy Borden House For Sale

9) John Brown was a famous abolitionist who was hung in Charles Town, WV in 1859. One of his captors bought the land on which he was hung and built himself a large house, the house today is said to be haunted. If you have a spare $1,200,000 this house can be yours.

John Brown House

10) To be honest this house isn’t really haunted, however, it is the house in which Janet Leigh was murdered in the movie Psycho and so therefore deserved to make the list.

This historic movie property, although not really one of the most haunted houses for sale, can be yours for $3,950,000.

Haunted Houses For Sale