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You don’t find 9 buildings and 40,000 square feet of a down-town historic district up for sale on eBay everyday, then again not many people have $680,000 to spend. This listing is a little bit special though, in recent years it has become known as ”The Walking Dead Town” after AMC filmed a bunch of episodes there. In recent years it has become a hot-spot for Walking Dead fans who can now take a tour around the town, also known as ‘Grantville’, Georgia.

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A bunch of new movies are also scheduled to shoot in the town, including a sequel to The Ring. According to the listing it is always being scouted as a possible filming location for new movies by scouts.

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The entire town has a population of 3,000 but it has struggled since the decline of the cotton industry, particularly with the closure of the cotton mill in 1991. Around the time of the millennium the population was down to 1,309, but thanks to the movie industry people seem to be coming back.

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Jim Sells the former mayor of Grantville bought the dilapidated buildings four years ago band promises ”this is a money maker for anyone trying to invest in an area that’s about to burst”.

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Ghost Town From ”The Walking Dead” Is On eBay!

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The 9 buildings in the listing include retail areas, loft apartments, pizza restaurant, bar, pharmacy, office space and other usable space. Some of the buildings currently have tenants, 45% it is occupied and would give the new owner some instant revenue. We are assuming this very cool American flag bench comes included in the price…

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