Famous film locations revisited today! Check out these incredibly cool photos of famous movie locations and how they look today, some of which are almost 30 years old! How many do you recognise without reading the titles?

1) The underpass in A Clockwork Orange
Famous Film Locations

2) Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

3) School from American History X….and Grease!
American History X - Grease

4) Dr Evil’s lair in Austin powers
Austin Powers

5) Marty’s house in Back to the Future
Back to the Future

6) Bowling alley from The Big Lebowski
Big Lebowski

7) Candyman

8) The Child’s Play apartments
Child's Play

9) The house from A Christmas Story
Christmas Story

10) City of God
City of God

11) The house from Edward Scissor Hands
Edward Scissor Hands

12) The E.T. house

13) The Fifth Element
Fifth Element

14) Forrest Gump bench
Forrest Gump

15) Ghostbusters station


Famous Film Locations Revisited

16) The Goonies beach

17) Home Alone house
Home Alone

18) Homes from The Hunger Games
Hunger Games

19) The Karate Kid apartments
Karate Kid

20) The restaurant in Leon.

21) Mrs Doubtfire House
Mrs Doubtfire

22) Nightmare on Elm Street House
Nightmare on Elm Street

23) Once Upon A Time in America
Once Upon A Time In America

24) House from Poltergeist

25) Original Popeye movie
Popeye Movie

26) Rocky Horror Picture Show
Rocky Horror

27) The Shawshank Redemption prison

28) Scene from Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver

29) Hotel in The Shining
The Shining

30) Twelve Monkey’s asylum
Twelve Monkeys