Check out this very cool collection of famous chunkies by artist Alex Solis. Alex takes pop-culture characters and transforms them so it looks as if they have piled on the lbs.

You can see much more of his amazing work right here, including more from his Famous Chunkies collection.

Famous Chunkies Famous Chunkies1 Famous Chunkies2 Famous Chunkies3 Famous Chunkies4 Famous Chunkies5 Famous Chunkies6 Famous Chunkies7 Famous Chunkies8 Famous Chunkies9

Famous Chunkies: Popular Characters Pile On The Lbs

Famous Chunkies10 Famous Chunkies11 Famous Chunkies12 Famous Chunkies13 Famous Chunkies14 Famous Chunkies15 Famous Chunkies16 Famous Chunkies17 Famous Chunkies18 Famous Chunkies19 - Star Wars C3P0 & R2-D2