When it comes to imitation the Chinese are probably the best in the world at it. From fake bags to DVD’s, clothing to technology, the Chinese really excel when it comes to copying others. However, the Chinese have started taking it a step further, by copying European towns and placing them in China.

Check out these 8 fake European destinations in China:

1: Thames Town

One of our favourite fake European destinations in China is this lovely looking English town. Anyone looking at his photo can be forgiven for thinking it is somewhere in England, red telephone boxes, a bronze Winston Churchill statue and the Queen’s guards are all here. However, this is actually Thames Town, an English replica near the city of Shanghai.

Fake European Destinations In China

2: Paris in Tianducheng

A quick glimpse and you may think you are looking at Paris..you are, however, this is Paris in Tianducheng. This luxury real estate development is now a ghost town thanks to some poor planning and inconvenient location surrounded by farmlands.
Paris in Tianducheng

3: Anting German Town

The Anting German Town is a colourful town complete with three to five story high buildings. Surrounding the buildings are green spaces, canals, restaurants and bronze statues of famous Germans such as Goethe and Schiller. However, it seems the Chinese weren’t to keen on living here and the area became a ghost town.
Anting German Town

4: Florence In Tianjin

Ok, so this one isn’t an entire town but an actual shipping mall. The Tianjin Florence Town covers 200,000 square meters and houses world famous brands.
Florence in Tianjin

Fake European Destinations In China

5: Holland Village in Pudong

Holland Village (also known as Holland Town) was built near the busy down-town Shanghai and is supposed to look like your average Dutch village or town. Unfortunately it has become a bit of a ghost town due to its poor location but is popular with European tourists.
Holland Village in Pudong

6: Sweden Town in Luodian

Yes, you guessed it! This town is supposed to resemble the Swedish town of Sigtuna. As with many of these fake Chinese towns it didn’t get anywhere near the inhabitants expected and now resembles somewhat of a ghost town.
Sweden Town in Luodian

7: London’s Tower Bridge in Suzhou

This fake version of London’s Tower Bridge is in the province of Jiangsu. The cafe on top of the tower serves ‘English-style coffee’ and while it may look like quite a good replica it isn’t perfect. This copy has more towers than the original and doesn’t actually have a lifting mechanism to raise the bridge.
London’s Tower Bridge in Suzhou

8: Hallstatt in Guangdong

Hallstatt is a copy of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Austria. This fake comes with an artificial lake, imported doves and of course the houses which are copies of the ones you would find in the original village.
The Halstatt of China