Fairy tattoos are pretty popular with women, you may think of fairies as cute and dainty, however, fairy tattoos are often dark or sexy. The wings on the fairy are usually what makes them stand out, as you will see in these top 20 fairy tattoos below.

Fairy Tattoos Fairy Tattoos With Colourful Wings1 Fairy Tattoos2 Fairy Tattoos Tinkerbell Style3 Fairy Tattoos4 Fairy Tattoos5 Fairy Tattoos6 Fairy Tattoos7 Fairy Tattoos8 Fairy Tattoos9

Fairy Tattoos – 20 Of The Very Best Fairy Designs

Fairy Tattoos10 Fairy Tattoos11 Fairy Tattoos12 Fairy Tattoos13 Fairy Tattoos14  Colourful Fairy Tattoos15 Fairy Tattoos16 Fairy Tattoos17 Fairy Tattoos18 Fairy Tattoos19