Egg Art

Artist Brian Baity uses a high-speed carving tool known as a paragraver to create these incredibly delicate egg art shell carvings. Using the most fragile of mediums, egg carving takes a very stead hand and a huge amount of patience. Brian’s egg art shells have featured in exhibits all over the world as well winning awards.

Below are a collection of his amazing egg designs, be sure to check out more at his official site

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Egg Art – Incredible Designs By Brian Baity

Egg Art15

“This is my first egg which earned notoriety. It was a winner in a contest sponsored by the Malcolm Forbes Art Gallery in New York City. For winning the contest I was privileged to have this creation displayed in the Forbes Art Gallery for a month.

After it returned to Utah it has won numerous first place awards in carving contests and more than one best of division awards as well. It also has been exhibited at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, Patrick Moore Art Gallery and two museums in Bulgaria.” – Brian Baity

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