On the corner of Northwest 46th street and 15th Avenue, Ballard, Seattle, between an LA Fitness and Trader Joe’s, lies a small house that looks very much out of place. The house is surrounded by three walls of towering concrete and once belonged to the late Edith Macefield, who famously turned down $1 million in 2006 for the small home as developers were desperate for the land it was stood on.

By turning down the $1 million offer Edith became somewhat of a local hero. The residents of Ballard were tired of seeing the blue-collar homes being torn down and replaced with trendy apartments and restaurants, however, she refused to leave and the 108-year old house stood in the way of the big companies wanting her land.

Macefield’s house was also the inspiration behind 2009 Pixar movie ‘Up’, you can see it here on Google Maps.

Edith Macefield - Ballard Home Edith Macefield House 2 Edith Macefield House 3

Edith Macefield – Ballard Home

Edith Macefield House 4 Edith Macefield House 5 Edith Macefield House 6 Edith Macefield House