Dreamcatcher tattoos are very popular with women in the western world, however, they originally come from Native American culture. The object is based on a willow hoop and decorated with sacred items such as feathers and beads.

Below are 24 of our favourite dreamcatcher tattoos, if you have a dreamcatcher tattoo send us a picture and we’ll add it to the list if we like it.

Dreamcatcher Tattoos Dreamcatcher Tattoos1 Dreamcatcher Tattoos2 Dreamcatcher Tattoos3 Dreamcatcher Tattoos4 Dreamcatcher Tattoos5 Dreamcatcher Tattoos6 Dreamcatcher Tattoos7 Dreamcatcher Tattoos8 Dreamcatcher Tattoos9 Dreamcatcher Tattoos10 Dreamcatcher Tattoos11

Dreamcatcher Tattoos – 24 Very Cool Designs

Dreamcatcher Tattoos12 Dreamcatcher Tattoos13 Dreamcatcher Tattoos14 Dreamcatcher Tattoos15 Dreamcatcher Tattoos16 Dreamcatcher Tattoos17 Dreamcatcher Tattoos18 Dreamcatcher Tattoos19 Dreamcatcher Tattoos21 Dreamcatcher Tattoos22 Dreamcatcher Tattoos23 Dreamcatcher Tattoos24

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