Krubera Cave is the deepest cave in the world, it is located in the Western Caucasus region of Georgia. The area contains several hundred caves that started to develop around 5 million years ago when the mountains began to rise. Five of the caves in this region are deeper than 1,000 meters, Krubera Cave is 2,197 meters, the only cave known to be over 2,000 meters deep.

The entrance to the cave is easy to miss, it’s not the huge opening you would expect from the world’s biggest cave system.

Deepest Cave In The World

Anyone wondering just how deep the deepest cave in the world truly is can check the scale against some well known buildings:

Krubera Cave

One of the many large shafts within the huge cave system.

Kubera Cave 2.1

Krubera Cave 2

Krubera Cave 3

Krubera Cave 4

Krubera Cave 5

Some areas of the cave system are as wide as subway tunnels, other areas are very tight and have even required some digging to get through.

Krubera Cave 6

Deepest Cave In The World – Krubera Cave

Krubera Cave 7

Krubera Cave 8

Teams who go into the cave will need to be prepared to get very wet:

Krubera Cave 9

Krubera Cave 12

Krubera Cave 13