Daniel Edlen - Musicians Painted Onto Vinyl

Daniel Edlen is an American artist best known for his ongoing series of vinyl record paintings. Using just white acrylic paint and his own style of pointillism, Edlen paints amazingly realistic portraits of famous musicians straight onto vinyl records.

For those wondering if the record is still playable, the answer is unfortunately ‘no’. Edlen says that he actually sources records that are already damaged as he doesn’t want to damage perfectly good records. If you wish to commission a piece for yourself then the cost is $280 + shipping, to contact Daniel you can do so at vinylart.info.

Charlie Parker Bruce Springsteen Bob Dylan B.B. King Amy Winehouse Alice Cooper Adele Eric Clapton John Lennon Frank Zappa Johnny Cash Lou Reed Freddie Mercury

Daniel Edlen – Musicians Painted Onto Vinyl

Gene Simmons Moby Paul McCartney George Clinton Jerry Garcia Ray Charles Roger Waters Jim Morrison Jimi Hendrix Sid Vicious Stevie Wonder John Coltrane