This 40-foot installation in Covent Garden, London, is the work of artist Alex Chinneck. His creation replicates the architectural style of the 184-year old Market Building behind it, however this one is floating 10 feet off the ground. If you can’t figure out how he did it, scroll to the bottom and all will be revealed.Covent Garden's Floating BuildingFloating Building2 Floating Building4 Floating Building5 Floating Building6 Floating Building7 Floating Building8 Floating Building9

Covent Garden’s Floating Building

Floating Building10 Floating Building11 Floating Building13 Floating Building14 Covent Garden's Floating Building 15 Floating Building16 Covent Garden's Floating Building 17

SPOILER: From the image it seems as if the building is floating, however, the green food cart to the right is much more than it seems. That is actually a four-ton counterweight, the floating part of the building is actually very light and not made from the heavy materials that it is made to look like. As the green carts are all over Covent Garden (you can see two in the background) it doesn’t look out of place.

Floating Building12