You may believe that cool water towers are non-existent. The usual design is often a grey and ugly concrete design that ruins the surrounding skyline, however this isn’t always the case.

Water towers have an important job, they need to be high above the ground to create a pressurised water supply for the surrounding area. This has lead to a handful of very clever designs around the world, we only wish more were like these!

1) Wasserturm Nord, Halle, Germany

This beautiful looking water tower has actually become a city landmark since it was built back in 1897. The water tower stands at 54 meters tall and looks more like a tower at the Kremlin than a water tower.

10 Cool Water Towers

2) Old Lady, Szeged, Hungary

Possibly the most beautiful water tower of them all is this amazing design in the city of Szeged. Known to the locals as ‘old Lady’ this cool water tower was built back in 1904 and then renovated in 2006. Visitors can actually access the the 30-meter high viewing terrace using a winding staircase and enjoy a 360 degree view of the city and surrounding areas.

Old Lady, Hungary

3) Kuwait Towers, Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Kuwait Towers were built in in 1977 and soon became a city landmark. Unlike other cool water towers this one is multi-purpose. The two sphere tower has a cafe in the top sphere that turns 360 degrees every 30 minutes. The lower sphere has water in the bottom half and a restaurant for 90 people in the top half as well as a lounge and reception hall. The second tower which has only one sphere serves only as a water tower with the third tower (no spheres) holding equipment to illuminate the two large towers.

Kuwait Towers

4) House in the Clouds, Thorpeness, England

This water tower was originally built in 1923 to receive water pumped from Thorpeness Windmill. In 1979 when the water tower was no longer needed the tank was removed from the structure and the building became a home with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The house is currently valued at around $620,000 USD.

House In The Clouds

5) Warner Bros Water Tower, Los Angeles, California

This Warner Bros water tower may not be the most beautifully designed water tower in the world, however, it is probably the most famous. The water tower today is no longer in use but still remains as one of the symbols of Hollywood.

Warner Bros Water Tower

Cool Water Towers

6) Leaning Tower of Niles, Niles, Illinois

You may be forgiven for thinking you are looking at a famous Italian landmark, however this is actually a water tower in Niles, Illinois. The tower is only half the size of the the original Leaning Tower of Pisa and was built around 600 years later (1934). A study in 2014 concluded that the tower requires around $600,000 in repairs and so the future of the water tower remains uncertain.

Leaning Tower Of Niles

7) Alcatraz Water Tower, San Francisco, California

Once again we have a normal (American style) water tower, however this one is located on the island of Alcatraz. This water tower is probably the second most famous on the planet behind the Warner Bros water tower in Los Angeles. If only cool water towers like this could talk….

Alcatraz Water Tower

8) Peachoid, Gaffney, South Carolina

It may look like something from the Roald Dahl book James and the Giant Peach, however this is actually a water tower in South Carolina, USA. Located on Interstate 85, the Peachoid, also known as Mr Peach, is 45 meters tall and can hold up to one million gallons of water. This water tower was also a focal point in the US version of House of Cards featuring Kevin Spacey.

Mr Peach Water Tower

9) Corn Water Tower, Rochester, Minnesota

When it comes to cool water towers you wont find anything more cool than a corn cob. This corn shaped tower can be found near the Seneca Foods factory in Rochester, Minnesota.

Corn Water Tower

10) Kuwait City Water Towers, Kuwait City, Kuwait

The ‘mushroom towers’ in Kuwait City were designed by Swedish architect Sune Lindstrom and completed in 1976. Each of these very cool water towers can hold up to 3,000 cubic meters of water.

Kuwait City Water Towers