1) World map by alcohol consumption.
Alcohol Consumption

2) World map by average IQ score.
Average IQ

3) Nations invaded by Great Britain.
British Invaded Nations

4) Nations that use the metric system.
Countries That Don't Use The Metric System

5) Nations across the world by driving orientation.

6) Europe according to Americans.
Europe According To Americans

7) Average number of children by country.

8) Google auto-complete for Europe…..
Google Autocomplete Results For Europe

9) Happiness map of the world.
Happiness Map

10) Metal bands per 100,000 people.
Metal Bands Per 100,000

11) Monarchies of the world.

Cool Maps You Won’t Have Seen In Geography Class!

12) Most common surnames in Europe.
Most Common Surnames

13) Most popular brand created in each state.
Most Famous Brand By State

14) Most photographed locations in the world.
Most Photographed

15) Most popular sport in each county.
Most Popular Sport

16) Nations with McDonald’s restaurants.
Nations With McDonalds

17) The world divided into groups of 1 billion people.
One Billion People

18) Original names of cities in the USA.
Original City Names USA

19) Amazing population density world map.

20) Gingers across Europe.
Red Hair In Europe

21) Favoured web browsers in 2012.
Web Browser

22) The world according to Americans.
Cool Maps