When people go for a walk in the woods they may expect to see a variety of birds, many different flowers, huge trees and possibly a stack of cut wood…

However, this may look like a stack of wood from a distance, get a little closer and you’ll notice it is cut far too neatly. Not only is it cut neatly, it has strange lines running through it….

Wooden Cabin

Wooden Cabin 2

That is because those strange lines are actually windows….windows to a very cool log cabin.

Wooden Cabin 3

This log cabin is located near the town of Hilversum in the Netherlands. The cabin belongs to Hans Liberg, a Dutch comedian and musician.

Wooden Cabin 4

This cool log cabin was created by designer Piet Hein Eeek and is used as a studio and recording room.

Wooden Cabin 5

Wooden Cabin 6

As you can see inside the cabin is incredibly neat and well designed.

Wooden Cabin 7

Wooden Cabin 8

As you can see from inside, you can’t even tell that you are in a log cabin as the interior is painted blue and without a single log visible.

Wooden Cabin 9

Cool Log Cabin Disguised As Wooden Stack

Wooden Cabin 11

Wooden Cabin 10

If the view isn’t impressive enough for you then changing it is simple, the entire cabin is set on wheels and can be moved easily.

Wooden Cabin 12

Wooden Cabin 15

While this very cool log cabin is used for musical purposes, given the look of it, it would be perfect for camping or escaping to the great outdoors.

Wooden Cabin 13

Cool Log Cabin