Cave of the Crystals

Take a trip 980 feet below the surface of the earth through the Naica Mine in Mexico and you will stumble upon ‘Cave of the Crystals’. The cave contains giant selenite crystals, some of which are the largest crystals ever found. The largest crystal found to date is 39 feet in length, 13 feet in diameter and weights 55 tons.

The cave is very hot, temperatures reach up to 58 C (136 F), with 90 to 99% humidity. Those without the proper protection from the heat won’t last more than ten minutes in the cave before they become toast! A group of scientists known as Naica Project have been heavily involved in researching the caverns, they use refrigerated suits to keep cool in the extreme heat.

Cave of the Crystals 1

Cave of the Crystals

Cave of the Crystals 2

Cave of the Crystals 3

Cave of the Crystals 4