It’s very unlikely that you will have ever visited Iran, so it’s probably fair to say that nobody has been to see the cave homes that you will find in Kandovan. In the village of Kandovan, you will find a collection of amazing houses that look like something straight out of the set of Star Wars.

These unique homes have been inhabited for the past seven centuries and prove that cave-living is possible anywhere in the world.

Cave Homes of Kandovan

Kandovan Caves

Kandovan Caves 2

From a distance these homes are barely noticeable, however, once you get up close you will notice doors, windows, power lines and chimneys. Some of the homes actually have both power and running water, the stone that these homes are built into is easily to manipulate whilst also being sturdy enough for living in.

Kandovan Caves 6

Cave Homes of Kandovan

Kandovan Caves 5

The structures that these homes are built into were formed by ash and debris when the now dormant Mount Sahand erupted sometime in the past 11,000 years. At present around 170 families live in the cave homes of Kandovan.

Kandovan Caves 1

Kandovan Caves 4