Once considered to be the countries very own Monte Carlo, the abandoned remains are now all that’s left of Romania’s Casino Constanta. Sat on a cliff over-looking the Black Sea, the impressive structure is still in tact despite the fact that it closed decades ago. Ownership of the building was simply too expensive and after passing between owners numerous times it finally closed its doors for good in 1990.

Built between 1904 and 1910 by Romanian architect Petre Antonescu after being commissioned by King Carol I, it was briefly used as a hospital during WW2 and then later became a restaurant before finally becoming a casino.

Last year the Romanian government pledged 9.5 million euros to restore the building with renovations set to begin later this year. French photographer Romain Veillon managed to take these photos when stumbling upon Casino Constanta while visiting Romania earlier this year.

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Casino Constanta – The Abandoned Romanian Monte Carlo

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