Nancy Bymers is a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a huge fan of Breaking Bad. She has made it her mission to source the real life locations from the TV series, this is what she had to say about her project:

My Breaking Bad scene location project began March 21, 2010 (Season 3 Premiere Day). I realized that I knew where several locations were just because I go around ABQ quite a bit, but when I wanted to photograph every possible location that I could identify, it became a purpose. I used the episodes, the DVD commentary, the FB and AMC website discussion boards info, a Google map published in the ABQ Journal and I asked a couple of local ABQ actors for help. That was fun because I had lunch with Jesus, Jr (Gonzo and No-Doze) and ice cream with the “Peekaboo” twins. I resumed the project to include Season 3 locations upon my return to ABQ in late December 2010 and again in December 2011 to pick up Season 4 photos.

We have chosen some of our favourite locations in the pictures below, if you want to check out the entire collection then you can do so here.

1) The White Residence
Breaking Bad Locations

2) Saul Goodman’s Office
Better Call Saul

3) The spot where Hank and the Cartel have a shoot-out
Cartel V Hank Shootout Location

4) Casa Tranquila
Casa Tranquila

5) Four Corners Monument
Four Corners Monument

6) Gustavo Fring’s Residence
Gustavo Fring Home

7) Hank and Marie’s Residence
Hank And Marie's House

8) Jesse Pinkman’s residence
Jesse's House

9) Jesse and Jane’s rental apartment
Jesse's Rental Apartment

10) Gustavo Fring’s laundry business
Laundry Business

20 Breaking Bad Locations In Real Life

11) Lazer Tag building, potential lab site
Lazer Tag Building

12) Twisters – Used as Los Pollos Hermanos
Los Pollos Hermanos

13) On the wall inside Twisters today
Wall Painting

14) Rio Rancho High School
Rio Rancho High School

15) Tuco’s Headquarters
Tuco's Headquarters

16) Walter’s short-term residence at ‘The Beachcomber’
Walter's Short Term Resdience

17) Walter’s second short-term residence
Walter Whites Second Short Term Home

18) Walter and Skyler’s car wash
Walter's Car Wash