Fans of the movie franchise ‘Lord of The Rings‘ are in for a treat with this great collection of photos from behind the scenes on Lord of the Rings. Hard to believe that these movies were filmed in New Zealand way back in 1999 to 2000, time truly does fly!

Aerial Shot of Set All In White Gandalf Andy Serkis Aragorn in Battle Aragorn Behind The Scenes Boat Scene LOTR City Being Created Behind The Scenes On Lord Of The Rings City Set Elijah and Andy Elijah in Conversation Frodo Makeup Gandalf and Peter Jackson Gandalf reading the script Gandalf Hobbit Feet Hobbit Injured Gandalf LOTR

Behind The Scenes On Lord Of The Rings

Mask On Set Peter Jackson On Set Orc Archer Orc Makeup Orcs Ready For Battle Orthanc 2 Orthanc 3 Orthanc Perspective Is Everything Peter Jackson in new Zealand Peter Jackson in the Hobbit House Serkis animation Set hand spraying Set Parts Sir Ian in makeup Skulls The Big Elephants