Batman Movie Theatre

Do you have pockets as deep as Bruce Wayne? If you do happen to have $2 million lying around then this Batman movie theatre can be yours!

The Dark Knight home theatre is a concept by Elite Home Theater Seating that has been installed into a home in Greenwich, Connecticut. The theatre comes with a 180-inch screen and a room full of Dark Knight inspired accessories such as gargoyles and a cylinder shaped elevator with the bat symbol. To make this theatre look even more amazing you have a secret bookshelf which opens to reveal Batman’s Tumbler vehicle as well as a mock 30 foot secret escape tunnel.

Batman Movie Theatre 1

Batman Movie Theatre

Batman Movie Theatre 2

Batman Movie Theatre 3

However, this isn’t the only Batman movie theatre that this company has created recently. If you fancy a much more old-school style version of the bat cave then this can be done too. Here is another bat cave that they created with a much more old-style feel to it.

Old Bat Cave Theatre

Old Bat Cave Theatre 2