Abandoned Paris Apartment

Before the start of the second world war the owner o f this apartment fled to the south of France. For reasons we are never likely to know, she never returned to the apartment and it remained untouched for 70 years.

In 2010 the owner passed away at the age of 91, her executor discovered the apartment and a team was sent to investigate. What they found when they got to the abandoned Paris apartment was amazing, hidden under a thick layer of dust was a treasure trove of turn-of-the-century object including several paintings that were sent for analysis.

One particular painting, a portrait of a woman in a pink dress, would turn out to be an incredible find.

Abandoned Paris Apartment3

After the painting was analysed, it was discovered to have been painted by 19th century Italian artist Giovanni Boldini. The woman in the pink dress was an actress by the name of Marthe de Florian. It wasn’t just Boldini who admired de Florian though, it seems she has a long list of admirers, including 72nd Prime Minister of France, George Clemenceau.

The painting was finished in 1894, showing de Florian at the age of 24. Now here comes the most fascinating part, it turns out the owner of the apartment was the granddaughter of Marthe de Florian. After going to auction the painting sold for $3.4 million, a record price for a piece of Giovanni Boldini art.

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Abandoned Paris Apartment Discovered After 70 Years

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