Pablo Escobar - Abandoned Island Villa

Take a trip to Cartagena, Colombia, and you will be able to get yourself a very special boat trip…a tour of the abandoned island villa of Pablo Escobar! The tour takes you around a group of very small islands in the Caribbean Sea that was once the home of Pablo Escobar as well as other homes belonging to his associates.

Today the islands are all abandoned and under protection by the Colombian government, however, getting a boat trip to see the islands shouldn’t be too difficult if you are in the area.

Pablo Escobar Empire 2

When Mr Escobar wasn’t being his usual drug-lord self he would relax at his villa here on one of the small islands, this was his very own swimming pool.

Pablo Escobar Empire 3Pablo Escobar Empire 4

The only resident today….

Pablo Escobar Empire 5Pablo Escobar Empire 6

Since his death in 1993 when he was shot in the head while fleeing from Colombian police these villas have been left to be reclaimed by nature. Unfortunately it seems that all the possessions were taken long ago…..

Pablo Escobar Empire 7Pablo Escobar Empire 8Pablo Escobar Empire 10Pablo Escobar Empire 9Pablo Escobar Empire 11Pablo Escobar Empire  12Pablo Escobar Empire 13

Abandoned Island Villa of Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar Empire 14

This was once the guard lookout house, it is now occupied by a squatter, even though the Colombian government claim to be protecting them.

Pablo Escobar Empire 15

This shell was still unfinished when Pablo was shot dead. What was meant for this building will never be know, it could have been another house….or maybe somewhere to store all his money!

Pablo Escobar Building

All of the villas on the islands were built in very different styles, Escobar’s brother and mother had their own villas as well as the heads of the Medellin and Cali cartels.

Pablo Escobar BuildingPablo Escobar Building

This villa belonged to one of Escobar’s men and is made entirely of coral rift from the surrounding sea.

Pablo Escobar Building 19Pablo Escobar Building 20

Escobar also had his own nightclub on the islands….

Pablo Escobar Building 21Pablo Escobar Building 22Pablo Escobar Building 23Pablo Escobar Mugshot

For those interested in Pablo Escobar’s life story it’s worth noting that his primary residence, Hacienda Napoles, has been converted into a public amusement park. Opening it’s doors in 2008, the home of Escobar still has its bullfighting ring, swimming pool, tennis court, and airstrip.

Pablo Escobar Home 24