Abandoned Aircraft Hangar in Germany

Malaysia is one of those lucky countries that happens to be a tropical paradise. Unfortunately for the Germans this couldn’t be any further from the truth, the weather in Germany is rarely hot and most definitely not ‘tropical’.

However, when a large aircraft hangar (the largest free-standing in the world) was left abandoned in Germany, Tanjong, a Malaysian company, decided to turn the hangar into a tropical resort.

Aerial View of Abandoned Hangar

This amazing tropical location is only about an hour south of the German capital, Berlin. To create the tropical paradise, Tanjong first turned up the thermostat to 79° F, they then brought in tonnes of sand, hundreds of tropical plants, dozens of tropical birds and then hid speakers throughout the park to create more tropical noises.

Tropical Island Resort 6Tropical Island Resort 1

The glass used on the hanger is a special design that allows UV light through to ensure the plants remain healthy. There is also a 9 story waterfall, water-slides, a lagoon and numerous beaches throughout the complex.

Tropical Island Resort 2

Abandoned Aircraft Hangar Transformed Into A Tropical Island

Tropical Island Resort 3Tropical Island Resort 5Tropical Island Resort 7Tropical Island Resort 8Tropical Island Resort