When it comes to advertisements, whether it be on TV or a billboard, many are instantly forgettable. However, every once in awhile a billboard or TV commercial will stick in your mind for a very long time, these creative and funny billboards definitely do that.

Below are 50 of the most creative and funny billboards we could find from around the world, enjoy!

Funny Billboards
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50 Creative And Funny Billboards

Funny Billboards28 Funny Billboards29 Funny Billboards30 Funny Billboards31 Funny Billboards32 Funny Billboards34 Funny Billboards35 Funny Billboards36 Funny Billboards37 Funny Billboards38 Oliver Kahn Poster Presentation Funny Billboards40 Funny Billboards41 Funny Billboards42 Funny Billboards43 Funny Billboards44 Funny Billboards45 Funny Billboards46 Funny Billboards47 Funny Billboards48 Funny Billboards49Funny Billboard