3D butterfly tattoos are very popular amongst women, they are the equivalent of the skull tattoo on males in terms of popularity. Many of these butterfly designs are bright and colourful, however, this isn’t always the case, here are our top 20 3D butterfly tattoos:

20)3D Butterfly Tattoos20 19)3D Butterfly Tattoos19 18)3D Butterfly Tattoos18 17)3D Butterfly Tattoos17 16)3D Butterfly Tattoos16 15)3D Butterfly Tattoos15 14)3D Butterfly Tattoos12 13)3D Butterfly Tattoos1112)3D Butterfly Tattoos10 11)3D Butterfly Tattoos9

3D Butterfly Tattoos

10)3D Butterfly Tattoos8 9)3D Butterfly Tattoos78)3D Butterly Tattoos137)3D Butterly Tattoos146)3D Butterfly Tattoos6 5)3D Butterfly Tattoos5 4)3D Butterfly Tattoos4 3)3D Butterfly Tattoos3 2)3D Butterfly Tattoos2 1)3D Butterfly Tattoos