The Superman tattoo is as popular as The Hulk, Spider Man and Batman tattoos when it comes to superhero designs, even though it’s fair to say it has been a while since a decent Superman movie came out. First seen in 1938, Superman has stood the test of time as can be seen below in these 15 amazing Superman designs.

If you have a Superman tattoo, send us a picture and we’ll add it to the list if we believe it’s good enough.

Superman Tattoo Superman Tattoo1 Superman Tattoo2 Superman Tattoo3 Superman Tattoo4 Superman Tattoo5 Superman Tattoo6

15 Incredible Superman Tattoo Designs

Superman Tattoo7 Superman Tattoo8 Superman Tattoo9Superman Tattoo10 Superman Tattoo11 Superman Tattoo12 Superman Tattoo13 Superman Tattoo14